Monday, March 31, 2014

Judge Orders Chris Brown Shackled, Chained And Placed On A Plane

Judge In Washington Assault Case Playing Hard Ball With Chris Brown 

Chris Brown
A judge in Washington, DC has ordered R&B singer Chris Brown shackled, chained and placed on a plane. TMZ is reporting a court order to this effect has been issued for Brown, regarding his transfer from a Los Angeles jail, where he sits on a probation violation in connection with the Rihanna domestic violence case. Brown is scheduled to stand trial next month for allegedly assaulting local man, Parker Adams. 

Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, has raised an objection to the order. Geragos stated Brown can make his own arrangements to fly to Washington for the trial and needn’t be shackled and chained. Geragos seeks to have the case dismissed, stating his client did not hit Adams, who photobombed the singer and propositioned him, before trying to board his tour bus. This was trespassing. Charges should have been filed against Adams. 

Adams has also sued Brown for $2,500,000 in civil court. Settlement is an option, but anyone suing for such a large sum will seek a settlement of half the requested figure. Adams and his lawyer are operating under the premise they have Brown over a barrel and can demand an exorbitant sum of money, as the singer could face 4-years in jail if the case is successfully prosecuted.