Monday, March 31, 2014

Rihanna Depressed Over Chris Brown Being In Jail

Drake and Rihanna do not look happy

Rihanna, who is dating rapper Drake, is supposed to be in love and happy. Yet all week paparazzi photos have shown her looking upset. The singer, who was in Los Angeles recently, where the love of her life, Chris Brown, is behind bars on a probation violation stemming from their domestic violence incident. Brown potentially faces 4-years in jail in a matter that is depressing Rihanna. She continues to maintain contact with Brown, despite the fact he has been seeing others prior to jail and she is dating Drake. 

It is being stated that she feels responsible for the fight that landed Brown in jail, after she began screaming at and hitting him over a text message from another woman. Brown struck back and the rest is history. There lives would be so much different now had they not fought each other that night.