Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Obama And Beyonce Sexual Affair Scandal Happened For One Reason...

Michelle Obama: Oh, we're gonna talk later about THOT Beyonce!

This past Sunday, a French paparazzo, who is a friend of France’s former First Lady, Carla Bruni, stated she is in possession of evidence regarding a sexual affair between U.S. President Barack Obama and singer Beyonce, who is married to rapper Jay-Z. 

Barack Obama, Beyonce Knowles (Marilyn Monhoe) and Jay-Z in 2012
Beyonce continually fawns over President Obama in public to the point that it is outright flirting and disrespectful. The glances she gives Obama in public she doesn’t give her own husband Jay-Z. I ask you, if they were single, who would you choose, Obama or Jay-Z. There’s no comparison there. Jay-Z is no Denzel Washington. Who in their right mind would pick Jay-Z over Obama (and that’s the war going on in Beyonce’s dimly lit head, but she needs to remember she is married and so is Obama). 

Mrs. Obama needs to take her oath of office as First Lady. I think it goes something like, "I vow to 'protect and serve' the presidential penis 'from all enemies foreign and domestic.'" Ok, so maybe I got the oath crossed up, but I did get the "protect and serve" and "from all enemies foreign and domestic" part right (LOL).   

Beyonce enviously looking on at the Obamas

In pop culture circles, people repeatedly bash Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z stating he is not attractive and resembles Joe Camel (Jay-Z reminds me of the Ninja Turtles). Even Beyonce’s own uncle stated in an interview that she did not marry Jay-Z for love (as he is not pretty on the outside or inside, with the latter being more important).

Beyonce again looking inappropriate in the White House

Then you have Obama, the handsome first black President of the United States, who is well-spoken and refined. But then you also have his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, who looks like she would choke a chick out if they dared to sleep with her husband. I don’t care what any of you say, yes, Mrs. Obama is all regal and dignified in public, but something tells me if a woman tried to bed Barack, she would snap, remember she is from Chicago and Chief Keef her (that would be the most anticipated fight ahead of Mayweather v. Pacquiao). 


What Beyonce wore to the White House trying to catch Obama's eye. Who wears something like that to a national residence. It was inappropriate.

But back to Beyonce looking thirsty around Obama. Now, it’s one thing to admire a head of state. However, the look of admiration is different from lustful stares and Beyonce often stares at Obama with lust in her eyes. Trust me, other women know that stare (some of you are giving the gardener that stare when he takes his shirt off and you chicks need to stop because you’re married LOL). 

Looks like Beyonce left half of her dress at home with Jay-Z

Beyonce wore this to the White House

Even in a photo of Obama dancing with his wife, you can see the awkward jealousy on Beyonce’s face. Beyonce also wears the most revealing clothes around Obama. Did you see the dress she wore to the White House recently, when Jay-Z was deliberately left off the guest list over the song “Open Letter.”

Former French First Lady Carla Bruni (whose friend started the rumor about Obama and Beyonce) and First Lady Michelle Obama giving her the death stare

This coupled with the horny stares Beyonce gives Obama is quite telling. Most people dress on the conservative side when meeting with a head of state and or his family. You can tell Beyonce is Obama’s for the taking. All he would have had to do is ask. However, it is wrong, as he belongs to his wife and no one else.