Saturday, February 15, 2014

'SWV Reunited' Is A Cautionary Tale For R&B, Rock, Pop And Boy Bands That Break Up At The Height Of Their Fame

SWV (Sisters With Voices)

The WE! reality show “SWV Reunited” about the hit 1990s R&B girl group is a cautionary tale for music groups, who allow fame to tear them apart and break up their bands. The trio had a string of top R&B hits that crossed over on the Billboard charts and with audiences, but as with many music groups, the turmoil taking place behind the scenes tore them apart. 

Many R&B, rock, pop and boy bands have experienced this. However, when you become famous and in demand, you should never assume it will always be that way and that you can stop, then years later resume your career right where you left off. Music seldom works that way. Only 1% of music artists can successfully do that. Many find out later when they try to stage a comeback after splitting at the height of their fame that times and styles have moved on and it’s almost like starting all over again. Learn to make things work and last while you’re on top. 

Music acts need to be single minded, determined and disciplined enough to get along, be on the same page regarding the business and musical direction of the group, putting personal feelings aside when doing business. The inability to get along has destroyed many groups. Then you have hangers-on and opportunistic outside influences seeking to get an illegal cut of the group’s revenues, telling them what they want to hear, while undermining managers, agents and promoters stars are contractually obligated to under the law. 

People need to honor their contracts, make the most of their opportunities and learn to work with each other. That’s the only way groups can get through fame and the industry in one piece and with accomplishments and income to show for their years of work. 

The children of the members of SWV have also experienced legal trouble and scandal (one went to jail, another was arrested and a third advertised her services as an escort willing to have sex for money). Stars’ children often experience problems because due to their parents’ money and fame they live privileged lives.

Celebrities’ kids, just like everyone else’s children, need to know hard work and discipline. They need to understand they can’t have everything they want and what they want they must work for. There’s nothing wrong with them having a job, where they earn their own pay as teens, then as adults. It would keep most of them out of trouble. 

SWV's breakthrough debut CD

Side Bar: While watching “SWV Reunited” with my mom, she kept calling them SUV and was so sure that is the name of the group. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there looking at her laughing like “Who? It's SWV, not SUV! They're not named after the vehicle!"