Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Phone Hacking Scandal Plagued Rupert Murdoch Is Embezzling Money From News Corp

Murdoch Family Is Cheating Shareholders

This is a follow up to the Judiciary Report's series of phone hacking articles, regarding a story I broke first, via a formal, written police complaint to the Metropolitan Police in London, England. Since the time of the police complaint I filed, 100 people have been arrested in connection with the scandal. People are still being investigated by the police regarding the case.

News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch's greed knows no end. Not content with stealing the assets of companies he illegally sabotaged and pillaged in violation of the law, Murdoch and members of his family have been embezzling money from News Corp, misappropriating funds which eats into shareholder profits.

Madonna crony and fellow Kabbalah Center member Murdoch, is operating under the unethical premise that News Corp is his company, but once you open a corporation up to the stock market and sell shares to the public, there is legal accountability. Conrad Black went to prison for far less than Murdoch is doing. Why does Murdoch think his unlawful conduct is acceptable. 

Side Bar: I'm still being harassed by the Kabbalah Center, so I'm going to keep writing about their crimes the public doesn't know about...