Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Angry Mob In Miami Chase George Zimmerman Who Was Vacationing In Trayvon Martin's Hometown

George Zimmerman

Unrepentant killer George Zimmerman decided to take a vacation in Miami this week and things didn't go as smoothly as he would have hoped. Zimmerman, his girlfriend and brother were laying on Miami Beach, which is usually tranquil, when people recognized the self-appointed neighborhood watchman. According to reports, a mob formed and chased Zimmerman off the beach into his hotel.

Zimmerman is infamous for murdering unarmed, defenseless 17-year-old Miami native, Trayvon Martin, in cold blood, shooting the teen for in his estimation, looking like he did not belong in the Sanford, Florida neighborhood he was temporarily staying in with his dad, Tracy Martin. He was unjustly acquitted in the murder, by a jury now regretting its decision.

Zimmerman is clearly crazy and arrogant at the same time to come to Martin's hometown, chilling on the beach like nothing happened, when his deeds have caused so many heartache. There are blacks, whites and Hispanics in Miami who have denounced Zimmerman's unprovoked killing of Martin. Only Castro would have received a more aggressive reaction.


George Zimmerman Flees Miami After Death Threat

2/18/2014 12:40 AM - George Zimmerman fled Miami after someone threatened there was a huge bounty on his head. Zimmerman taped an interview last Tuesday with Univision and Fusion, and then took his girlfriend, her kid and his brother to the beach. While they were catching some rays, people noticed him, started harassing him, and then someone shouted out George had a $10,000 bounty on his head. We're told it freaked him out and they all retreated to the hotel, but the crowd followed them. 

Security swept their room to make sure no one tampered with their stuff and then stood guard throughout the day and night. We're told Zimmerman did his CNN interview early the next morning and then beat it ... literally fleeing Miami. Fact is ... the bounty threat seems somewhat real. There's a Black Panthers video online in which one of the leaders puts a $1 MILLION bounty on Zimmerman's head.