Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Manny Pacquiao Calls Out Floyd Mayweather As The One Delaying The Highly Anticipated Boxing Match Between The Two (Video)

Well-liked boxer Manny Pacquiao did an interview with Regis Philbin recently and responded to a question about fighting popular champion Floyd Mayweather in the ring. Pacquiao stated the hold up is not on his end. The Filipino star squarely pointed the finger at the champ, stating he is ready to fight Mayweather, who he deems is stalling. 

*Reverse psychology* Oooh, Floyd, Manny just tried you! Yes sir, he did. Are you gonna let him talk about you like that! What about the street code and defending your honor. Are you really going to take that from Manny. Fight him…but accidentally in a ring…with cameras accidentally rolling…piped into pay-per-view so the rest of us can watch (LOL). Hey, if the reverse psychology doesn’t work, I am not above whining and begging. Yea, I’m dignified like that. 

Seriously, a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao would produce interesting results. Mayweather is a Picasso in the ring. Mayweather, with his perfect record, likes to toy with boxers, proverbially spanking them in the ring, while taking them to school. It’s like watching a crocodile tenderize its prey. You know it’s not gonna end well. However, Manny is really fast and very skilled as well. What would happen if in a moment unaware, Pacquiao knocks out Floyd. It could happen. Only one way to find out...

Side Bar: Am I the only one who thinks Pacquiao looks a bit like Bruce Lee.