Sunday, February 16, 2014

Madonna’s Kabbalah Center Targeting Domestic And International Pro-Athletes Endangering Their Careers And Health



Madonna’s Kabbalah Center, which is under criminal investigation by the U.S. federal government and international counterparts, have been targeting famous pro-athletes domestically (in America) and internationally. The Kabbalah Center has been classified as a “cult” by domestic and international law enforcement watching their behavior.

Under Madonna’s instruction and that of the Berg family, who run the Kabbalah Center with her, famous members of the cult in the music and film professions, have been approaching popular professional athletes, urging them to join the Kabbalah Center, known as Hollywood’s “Illuminati.“

The Kabbalah Center are offering athletes false promises and incentives that are based in criminal behavior, to join. They are also secretly using famous pro-athletes names to dupe and extract large financial donations from corporations, organizations and members of the public, whilst lying the money will go to charity.

Instead the funds have been going to support Madonna and the Berg's lavish lifestyle in Beverly Hills, California, New York and London, England. Madonna and the Kabbalah Center have also illegally hidden millions in charitable donations they deceitfully solicited from companies, organizations and members of the public, in secret accounts in the Caribbean and Europe, which is a violation of U.S. law.

The Kabbalah Center’s aim in targeting professional athletes is twofold. Their goal is to also lure them away from their current managers, agents and promoters, to whom they are contractually obligated, which is unethical, to enable the cult to financially exploit their careers. The Kabbalah Center then takes over their careers, when they know absolutely nothing about sports management, filling these athletes heads with mumbo jumbo and crazy cult practices, destroying their peace of mind and mental stability. They are experimenting with professional athletes careers and to their detriment, while  causing problems in their respective genres of sport.

Sports managers, agents and promoters need to protect their athletes from this cult. Athletes also need to be very wary of this cult. They are known for criminally spying on their members and people they target for exploitation via criminally commissioned phone hacking, computer hacking, email hacking, wiretapping and stalking.

The Kabbalah Center are money hungry charlatans duping athletes into thinking they have special insight into their lives which will bring them success and prosperity. When in actuality, only talent and hard work will win in any sports venue. There are no shortcuts. Let no one dupe you into believing the lie that chants, symbols, spells, charms and or potions will bring you success in sports or any other facet of life.

The Kabbalah Center still has hackers and private investigators committing crimes (as seen in the Anthony Pellicano case, which I gave the FBI testimony and evidence regarding before his arrest and in the News Corp phone hacking scandal, which I broke first via a police complaint to the Metropolitan Police in London - read more about that here).

The Kabbalah Center knows personal things about the athletes and other people with assets they target for exploitation, from the aforementioned commissioned illegal surveillance, but are duping them into believing that it is due to special spiritual insights the Kabbalah Center and their so-called psychic mystics possess. It's nothing but a con.

Yehuda Berg


Athletes need to be wary of the Kabbalah Center and its famous member. One athlete that got mixed up with them saw one of his supplements sabotaged. Another athlete that got mixed up with the Kabbalah Center was offered supplements that they claimed were all natural, would aid in recovery after intense workouts and naturally boost his performance during official events giving him an edge, but it turns out they would have caused him to test positive on regulation anti-doping tests, had he taken them.

Athletes need to be careful of items the Kabbalah Center is telling them are just vitamins, supplements or recovery items. The Kabbalah Center is reckless, dangerous and crazy. There exists an incident of the Kabbalah Center tampering with the vitamins and supplements in a pro-athletes home out of spite, when he did something inoffensive that upset one of the leaders in the irrational, vengeful cult.

Athletes shouldn’t even leave their drinks around members of the Kabbalah Center in social settings. Nor should athletes and other targets voluntarily grant the Kabbalah Center access to their homes. It is begging for trouble to do so. They have no respect for the law and have done some terrible things to innocent people.

Athletes work hours a day, week in and week out, in grueling training sessions for years and not to have their careers derailed by a psychotic cult out for money and power via exploiting others. For the sake of your careers and well being, avoid them. They are not looking out for your best interest. They only seek to take advantage of you and fill your mind with mental illness, so they can control you and your assets.


The Kabbalah Center is also known for drugging people. One of the main figures in the cult, Yehuda Berg, was sued recently for drugging, sexually assaulting and try to rape a woman that he threatened to beat and “f******g kill” for refusing his sexual advances. Members of the cult, known as chevre (see: slave) have also been drugged and brainwashed by the cult into engaging in illegal and unethical behavior (stalking, break-ins, acts of violence, theft, vandalism).

I can speak from experience regarding the Kabbalah Center that some of the non-famous members of the cult have broken into different people’s homes in America and Britain, among other places. Norman Oosterbrook, the bodyguard for Kabbalah members Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga among others in the cult, was killed by police in Miami last year after breaking into a house in the city and rifling through the homeowners’ things. The break-in was not based in theft of items such as jewelry or electronics, as standard burglars do. When the Kabbalah Center arranges a break-in it is often to criminally plant hidden surveillance items (audio and video) and or steal copyrights, protected trade secrets, private documents or incriminating items regarding their misconduct apart of court cases.

During break-ins to my property that were reported to the police and FBI, a bottle of medicine I take for allergies was stolen and another bottle tampered with. I have allergies that I take medication to keep under control, as my doctor is only aware of a set number of items I am allergic to and over the past few years, we have discovered three new items I have a serious allergy to. For them to have stolen allergy medication and tampered with one of the allergy medicines the intruder didn’t steal, is vile and dangerous. It shows malicious intent.