Friday, February 28, 2014

Madonna, Rupert Murodch And The Kabbalah Center Are Going Around Blackmailing People


This is a follow up to the Judiciary Report's series of phone hacking articles, regarding a story I broke first on Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, via a formal, written police complaint to the Metropolitan Police in London, England. Since the time of the police complaint I filed, 100 people have been arrested in connection with the scandal. People are still being investigated by the police regarding the case.

As stated in previous columns, Rupert Murdoch is a member of the Kabbalah Center and he has used blackmail, via illegal surveillance items, against innocent people to get what he wants. But did you also know that Murdoch’s fellow Kabbalah member Madonna and the Center’s management have been using illegal surveillance, such as commissioned wiretapping, phone hacking, hacking and stalking, to find out things about celebrities, wealthy individuals and people in positions of power within the government, using it to blackmail them into doing what they want. 

Madonna and the Kabbalah Center have been threatening to expose embarrassing secrets about select rich, powerful and famous people, which they found out through criminal means the law forbids. They are blackmailing and extorting individuals in criminal violation of the law. Some of the incidents have been about financial enrichment, while others were about judicial favors to further the cult's corruption in ripping off members of the public, several of whom have gone to the FBI and filed multi-million dollar lawsuits to retrieve the charity money Madonna and the Berg family have been using to support their lavish lifestyles. 

However, in a recent incident it was something else. As some of you many know, Madonna likes to date men in their early twenties, as she believes it makes her look young and cool with the public. Even when she was younger, a book stated she would take a limo to downtown New York and have sex with random young men she’d just met (can you say STDs). 

Madonna, so desperate to be relevant with younger audiences, bribed her last two boyfriends, who are not famous, into dating her, promising to buy them condos and make them famous, as was reported on several websites. After they fulfill their end of the deal making high profile appearances with her, they get their money and are free to go (and do). 

However, in one recent incident known to some in the industry, Madonna has been trying to blackmail a good looking famous man, who she is almost three times older than, into dating her, as he politely rebuffed the suggestion when she tried to hit on him, because he thinks she is “ugly.” People in the industry found out about what happened and have been talking and laughing about it. Embarrassed and offended, vindictive and vicious Madonna had a private investigator dig into his personal life and has been threatening to ruin his career with what the snoop illegally uncovered. 

Side Bar: how come Christie Brinkley is years older than Madonna, but looks 30-years younger than Madonna. That’s because being a mean spiteful, hateful witch ages you faster.