Sunday, January 26, 2014

Justin Bieber's Dad Being Criticized For Blocking Off Road In Miami For Him To Drag Race Leading To Arrest

Justin Bieber's dad Jeremy Bieber, is being criticized all over the internet in the fall out from the 19-year-old pop star's arrest in Miami, Florida yesterday. Bieber was arrested, jailed, then bailed for drunk driving, drag racing and driving on a suspended license.

It was revealed Bieber's dad was one of two SUVs that blocked off expensive Pine Tree Road on Miami Beach's Millionaire's Row. I've been on that road quite a few times over the years and it is in a quiet residential neighborhood with a moderate speed limit. Bieber was going twice the speed limit when he was caught.

Trying to illegally shutdown Pine Tree Road was like trying to close off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California or Park Lane in London, England for an illegal drag race. It simply was not a good idea. They make race tracks for such activities. Public roads with innocent bystanders are not meant for racing.

Bieber and company could have killed someone crossing the street or pulling out of their driveway. Just because you block off a road, does not mean unsuspecting residents driving out of homes or crossing the street will have enough time to get out of the way and vice versa, while you illegally drag race. Yesterday could have ended tragically for Bieber and or someone else.

 Miami Police are a bit more hardened than Los Angeles cops who have repeatedly let Bieber off with warnings for illegal road behavior. Miami is the gateway into America where people attempt to illegally import drugs and weapons. Therefore, they have to work harder to keep law and order.

They take down drug kingpins in tandem with federal agencies, so arresting Justin Bieber for what is unquestionably illegal and dangerous behavior is nothing to them. Someone should have told Justin that, but frankly I don't think it would have mattered, because Justin is not listening to anyone. Furthermore, if he had crashed and died in Miami, the police would have been blamed for letting him drag race and under the influence. Arresting him was the best solution. Bieber has so much to live for, but is throwing it all away.

Bieber's minders hired local big dog Roy Black to be his attorney. Black is well known in legal circles. Black made an appearance in the case yesterday afternoon representing Bieber in court. The look on the singer's face in court yesterday, reveals the visage of someone that received a wake up call. he needed it. Here's hoping some good comes out of it via Bieber changing his life, because what he is doing is self-destructive and dangerous to those around him.

I've watched Bieber's rise to fame and witnessed his personal decline as well. I've broken stories on Bieber that later proved true. Prior to his arrest, I'd been writing Bieber needs rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. His subsequent arrest confirming drunk driving and illegal drug use confirms my previous claims. If his fans care about him, they should tell him to take responsibility and encourage him to go to rehab.

Bieber's parents also need to stop being enablers. Between his dad helping him drag race while drunk and high and his mom giving him prescription drugs he is abusing by taking well beyond the manufacturer's recommendations, he is being sent the wrong image. I don't doubt his parents love him, but they've got to change their approach to interacting with him. They also need to stop speaking negative words over his life.

For the past few years, I've seen interviews and clips where Bieber family members says they thought he would be "dead or in jail" and this was prior to Justin's legal troubles. He's fulfilled half that prophecy, don't let him fulfill the other half (via premature death). Get him some help. No matter who you are, speak good things and blessings over your children's lives. The key is to overcome, not go under.