Thursday, January 30, 2014

Petition To Deport Justin Bieber Sent To White House As It Hits 100,000 Signatures Requiring A Response From President Obama

Justin Bieber

A petition filed a week ago beseeching the White House to deport Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has hit the required 100,000 signatures to evoke a response from U.S. President Barack Obama. Thus far, none of Bieber’s legal issues are of the level that would warrant deportation, as one has to commit a serious felony to be deported as an immigrant. However, the White House, under its own rules, is compelled to respond.

Justin Bieber's mugshot from Miami

Bieber's fans have started a petition to plea against any possible deportation of the singer. However, it's not picking up speed. As of the time this article was written and posted online, there are only 3,000 signatures against deporting Bieber. He has so many followers on Twitter, which makes it odd more of his fans haven't signed the petition.