Friday, December 6, 2013

TMZ Retracts Claim Paul Walker Burned To Death


Paul Walker

Yesterday's Judiciary Report column contained an article regarding TMZ claiming "Fast And Furious" actor Paul Walker burning to death in a fiery car crash, while being driven by his financial adviser Roger Rodas (Coroner Tells TMZ Actor Paul Walker Burned To Death After Car Crash).

The Judiciary Report disputed this claim, as the light weight, low riding, aerodynamic Porsche Carrera GT crashed into a light pole and tree going in excess of 100MPH, which ignited the gas tank, triggering a fire and explosion. Today, TMZ retracted their story regarding Walker burning alive and to death as well as the item stating the actor was seen flailing after the accident (see article below).

I'm a fan of the Porsche's aesthetic design (Boxster, Carrera, among others). I've also seen them up close and can tell you the obvious, it's not a heavy duty, military styled rugged vehicle like the Hummer. Therefore, a lightweight Porsche crashing into a solid, heavyweight object such as a light pole, whilst going at a high rate of speed, would inevitably result in catastrophic injuries to the human body (organ damage, profound blood loss, death). The impact was so terrible in the Walker tragedy, it split the Porsche in half (diagonally). The Judiciary Report is of the belief the men died instantly and did not feel the effects of the fire.

Furthermore, the gasoline based fire and explosion that ensued for several minutes consumed skin, flesh and did further damage to organs. How could they conclusively come up with an accurate profile of death in terms of consciousness after impact and feeling the effects of burning to death...


Paul Walker Death Image in Burning Porsche Video is NOT Paul 

12/5/2013 11:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF - Paul Walker did NOT make a final desperate attempt to escape the burning wreckage -- and the image seen in video shot right after the crash is definitely NOT Paul ... TMZ has learned.

There had been rampant speculation and buzz on the Internet that a shadowy figure seen around 23 seconds into the video of the burning Porsche Carrera GT ... was Walker trying to get out of the vehicle, but sources connected to the investigation now say it just isn't so ... for several reasons.

First, the sources tell us that, based on photographs of the wreckage ... Paul's body was pinned in an area of the car that makes it clear he couldn't have been flailing outside the vehicle. Also ...we're told that based on the injuries he suffered, Paul died within a nanosecond of impact, and therefore it's impossible for the image in the video to be him.

It's not clear how long after impact the video starts, but clearly more than a nanosecond. As for what the image really is -- we're told law enforcement has watched the video, and based on evidence from the crash site ... it appears to be a part of the car's roof burning.