Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NSA Spying Extends To Intercepting Computer Deliveries To Plant Special Spyware And Data Stealing Cables

NSA offices

A new report coming out of Germany indicates the NSA's PRISM scandal runs much deeper than has been acknowledged by the National Security Agency. The Spiegel news agency reports the NSA has a hacking division known as TAO that specializes in hard to reach hacking targets. 

NSA headquarters

The NSA's TAO division employs tactics such as intercepting computer deliveries to install malware on computer units and replacing regular cables with special data cables that collect and transmit data back to the agency. A few years ago, there was a reported case of someone buying a brand new computer only to open it up and find malware pre-installed on the unit. Therefore, the claims regarding the NSA's TAO are not far fetched.