Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Girl Sharkeisha Brutally Beat Up In Video Speaks To News Station About The Fight And Police (Video)

News station interview with girl beaten up by Sharkeisha 
 Shamichael Manuel, the 17-year-old beating victim of 16-year-old Sharkeisha, has spoken to news station KHOU 11 in Houston, Texas about the fight that has gone viral. Shamichael says her friend Skarkeisha attacked her over a boy, brutally punching her in the face and kicking her in the head.

Shamichael's mother, Olevia Henderson, has reported the incident to the girls' high school, who've stated they can do nothing about the fight, as it did not occur on school property. However, police are investigating the assault and may bring charges against Sharkeisha, a young woman who is filled with rage.

Video of Sharkeisha beating girl

Some of Sharkeisha's anger may be due to her unusual name which has unquestionably been the butt of jokes for years, as the moment the video was released, people began making wise cracks about it. Sharkeisha needs help, because one day that rage could erupt and kill someone or lead to someone killing her. Let those ways go.