Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Michael Jackson's Doctor: I Held Michael Jackson's Penis Every Night

He Said What!

Conrad Murray - official penis holder

Conrad Murray is going from bad to worse with his revelations about former patient, Michael Jackson. When Murray stated in an interview that he held Michael Jackson's penis every night to insert a catheter for the star he referred to as incontinent I was speechless (*crickets*). You know when you have to reread something to make sure you read it right. 

Urinating is a normal bodily function and many people become incontinent as they get older, but Murray violated patient privacy and confidentiality in telling the world all these things about Jackson. Too much information. We really didn't need to know all this.

Michael Jackson: I should come back and moonwalk right on this negro's head for telling everyone this!

Once again, money corrupted Murray's judgment in the tell all interview, much like it led him astray in administering a powerful anesthetic to Jackson because he requested it as a sleep aide. Murray keeps insisting he did not kill Jackson but his conduct slowly poisoned him until he died when his heart couldn't take the over-medicating and gave out.