Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bill Clinton States President Obama Needs To Work On Obamacare To Help Millions Who've Lost Health Insurance Because Of It


Obama: "What you talking about" Bill! 

Former President Bill Clinton stated current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, needs to work on serious deficiencies within his Obamacare health care program, as millions of Americans have been dropped from their current plans, creating significant stress. President Obama previously promised this would not happened, but had to apologize when it did within weeks of the Obamacare website launch that became a fiasco. The site still is not fixed at this time.

Bill Clinton: honor your commitment Obama!

Many Americans are complaining of losing reasonably priced health insurance and being saddled with Obamacare policies with far higher monthly premiums they simply cannot afford. If the program is to work Obamacare prices will have to come down to levels attainable by the average American, especially in a tough financial climate. If the insurance offered under Obamacare is not affordable, this could potentially bankrupt Americans, adding to the current financial crisis. In attempting to solve one problem, one must not create another.