Friday, October 11, 2013

Usher's Ex-Wife Signing On To A New Reality Show Means His Secrets Will Not Be Safe

Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond

Let's have a moment of silence for singer Usher Raymond's privacy, because it's going to be gone, as word is out his ex-wife, mentally ill fashion stylist, Tameka Foster, has allegedly been signed to a reality show. The program in question is "Hollywood Exes" which currently shoots in Los Angeles. The show is said to be doing a spin off in Atlanta, Georgia, where Foster and Raymond reside.

Usher and Tameka Foster

Foster has been spilling Usher's business in and outside of court and would provide large quantities of drama, embarrassment and humiliation, sure to make the singer cry like a baby. Foster has not confirmed that she has signed on to the show, which gives Usher sometime to try to get her removed from it.