Monday, October 14, 2013

Michael Jackson's Mother Accused Of Homophobic Slur Calling Him A 'Damn Fa***t' Over Molestation Claims In Letters Seized In A Civil Case

Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson

An article on the New York Post website, written by longtime Jackson Family friend, Stacy Brown, described letters allegedly written by Katherine Jackson to her son, the late singer, Michael Jackson where she repeatedly refers to him by a homophobic slur. The letters from an angry Katherine Jackson refer to Michael Jackson as a "damn fa***t" issuing payoffs to the families of little boys he is accused of molesting.

The Jacksons lost a civil court case brought by a promoter and as apart of the judgment they seized a storage locker containing the family's possessions, such as gold records, costumes and other memorabilia. In the unit were also the letters in question. Katherine Jackson is said to have stated to son Jermaine Jackson, "They got all of our things. They got the letters, too and those canceled checks."

Katherine Jackson is also accused of making a racial comment about Jewish people, after complaining her son is surrounded by "little white boys." She is accused of stating, "Why is it he's always got to have those little white boys around? Why doesn't he ever have little back boys with him?"

When told Jackson had young African-American actor Emanuel Lewis with him for a time, Katherine Jackson allegedly stated, "That was just for show, for the cameras. Those boys he flies around with ain't nothing but little Jews."  


Katherine Jackson called son Michael a homophobic slur

By Stacy Brown October 13, 2013 | 4:56am - After a chance meeting as a young fan, Stacy Brown became friends with Jermaine Jackson — and later the rest of the Jackson family, including Michael. He helped write some of their memoirs, traveled on their tours, and even gave them loans (never to be repaid). Here, for the first time, Stacy explain what it’s like to be friends with the strangest family in America.

Katherine would defend Michael constantly — to a point.

Watching a news report that showed Michael boarding an airplane with a young boy, Katherine murmured: "Why is it that he’s always got to have those little white boys around? Why doesn’t he ever have little black boys with him?"

I said, "Well, there was a time that he had little Emmanuel Lewis, who played Webster."

"That was just for show, for the cameras," Katherine said. "Those boys he flies around with ain’t nothing but little Jews."

The question I desperately wanted to ask but did not was, "Well, would you rather him molest little black boys?"


And they certainly weren’t surprised by it.

Way back in 1993, when the first public allegations of child molestation surfaced against Michael, sister La?Toya accused the rest of her family of being "silent collaborators."

She said Katherine had written letters to Michael in which she called him a "damn f – - – - t" and knew about payoffs, for as much as $1 million, made out to the parents of one of Michael’s victims.

Katherine and several of her children held a press conference outside Hayvenhurst to denounce La?Toya. "She’s trying to sell her brother down the river," Katherine said.

A decade later, Jermaine and I were hanging out at Hayvenhurst in the courtyard near the swimming pool. Katherine emerged from inside the house.

"Jermaine, they got all of our things," she said. The family had lost a civil judgment over a failed concert tour, and creditors took a storage locker full of memorabilia, including gold records.

"They got the letters, too, and those canceled checks," Katherine said.

Normally I didn’t ask questions, but I had to ask what she was talking about. "The letters," she said, as if I were supposed to know.

Jermaine completed the sentence for her, "Those letters in which mother called Michael a f – - – - t."
I was stunned. Ten years later, I realized that La?Toya really did tell the truth.

"You tell a lie long enough, people will believe it’s true," Michael once said.

It could be the Jackson motto.