Friday, September 13, 2013

Should Kelly Price Be Back For Season Two Of 'R&B Divas LA'

R&B Divas LA reunion show

The surprise villain on the reality show "R&B Divas LA" turned out to be none other than singer Kelly Price. During the first episode Price came across as mother hen, but then, turned into Cruela Deville, about to slap the spots off of a bunch of unsuspecting Dalmatians.

Kelly Price

Price became the resident villain, which they say every story needs, but when it’s reality TV, this will spill over into real life, as one is not playing a character, but one’s self (for the world to see). Price is paying a price for her Mean Girl antics on the show, via public backlash. Each time the show aired after Price flipped out, she became one of the top trending items on Twitter. Price's counterpart on "R&B Divas Atlanta" Nicki Gilbert has also been hit with public criticism for her conduct on the show.
Chante Moore

To be popular on a reality show, one does not have to be a villain. One can be smart, funny and candid. Nonetheless, one takes a risk signing on to a reality show one does not own or produce (and even then it can backfire). I was sent an email from a production company asking me to come in an audition for a reality show. My columns are candid and comedic, leading to them thinking I would be a good choice.

Lil Mo

But then I'd turn on the TV and see some reality shows and balk at how people come across, who were on television going for broke for ratings. It wasn't until Braxton Family Values, Duck Dynasty (my fave) and Bullock Family Ranch that people on reality shows came across with civility, sanity and depth.