Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mariah Carey's Husband Nick Cannon Has Homosexual Tendencies

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

One of my credible sources responsible for some of my exclusives, all of which later proved true, informed me that comedian Nick Cannon, the husband of singer and chronic copyright infringer, Mariah Carey, 43, has homosexual tendencies that aided his career. My source informed me that Nick "Let men touch him for career favors in Hollywood."

Nick let men touch the Cannon for career advancement in becoming a star. How ironic, as Carey became famous via the same thing, cheating with then married Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola, who left his heartbroken wife and kids for the singer, who is half his age.

Carey used Motolla and behaved very badly during her time at Sony, which employees still complain about to this day. Other Sony artists weren't too pleased with her either, as she was  given preferential treatment for having sex with Mottola and usurping chunks of the label's budget.

But Mottola was no fool. Mottola, who bragged about his connections to the mafia, knew she didn't love him and was using him to become famous. Right away, Mottola began taking significant sums of her royalties. In the end, she didn't walk away with what people thought.

Carey does not have as much money as people think. She is certainly not poor, but missing roughly $100,000,000 that went with Mottola. He wasn't as dumb as she thought. It's not kind to marry someone one does not love in order to use them for what they have in the bank and their connections.

Side Bar: this truthful article is dedicated to the roughly 50 crazy Mariah Carey fans AKA "lambs" on Twitter, who began spamming me over an article I wrote, regarding comments Wendy Williams stated Kelly Price made about the singer and her noticeably damaged voice (Did Kelly Price Sign A Confidentiality Agreement With Mariah Carey And Sony Regarding Her Vocal Work For The Singer). I promised them the articles would continue if their spam did and like Pavlov's dogs, they will learn (regarding the torrent of exposés like the one posted above, that I will keep posting until the spam stops).

Said "lambs" are under the misguided impression that if they act like bullies and beasts to people such as myself, Nicki Minaj and Kelly Price, from behind the safety of their computers, issuing death threats and threats of violence, they can somehow silence others. Wrong!

They are free to state whatever they like under free speech laws, provided it is not illegal (i.e. death threats, assault threats) but unlawfully spamming me, with the same folks firing off several threat laden tweets in seconds, clouding out the tweets to me I actually want to read, is inexcusable. Like Pavlov's dogs, they will learn.