Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jay-Z And Beyonce's Bodyguard Was On Drugs When He Broke Into A Miami House, Attacked The Owners And Was Killed By Police

Rihanna and bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek

More information has surfaced on the death of Norman Oosterbroek, the owner of the RAD security company, responsible for bodyguard services to members of Hollywood's Illuminati/Kabbalah, such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Kanye West. Oosterbroek often did security work for Jay-Z and Beyonce and also trained the latter's other bodyguard Julius.

Police revealed an intense struggle occurred between Oosterbroek and his neighbors, whose house he broke into and began rummaging through, while stark naked and reportedly high on cocaine. This startled the homeowners, who called 911, while being physically attacked by Oosterbroek. Oosterbroek, who was renting a house on pricey Old Cutler Road in Miami, aggressively attacked police when they arrived.

Rather than shoot hostile, violent Oosterbroek, police opted for a less lethal approach, via a taser jolt to the chest. However, if Oosterbroek indeed had cocaine in his system (white power residue was found on his body) his heart was already being challenged by the potent narcotic.

It was also reported, Oosterbroek tried to quickly ingest more narcotics, shoving it in his mouth when police arrived, possibly as a means of hiding an incriminating narcotic. A few years ago, a porn star died after he tried to swallow a bag of marijuana when resisting arrest and was tased by police, resulting in choking death and his heart stopping.

At the end of the day, no one should be trespassing and breaking an entry. It is highly illegal. Oosterbroek was breaking the law and in a manner terrifying and traumatic to the occupants of the home he invaded. Waking up in the night to hear sounds in one's home, only to find a crazed, naked cult member in your living room, lunging at you, is inexcusable. However, members of Hollywood's crazy Illuminati believe they are above the law.

Beyonce (left), Jay-Z (right) and their bodyguard

Oosterbroek is known for his violent temper, mean streak and malicious mug. He was caught on tape throwing a man off the stage during a Jay-Z concert, resulting in the young fan sustaining two broken legs. Most bodyguards would usher a fan overstepping his bounds out through a side exit, turning him over to junior security members for ejection from the venue. Oosterbroek couldn't be bothered and could have killed the fan, had he landed on his head, breaking his neck, rather than his legs.

However, Oosterbroek was apart of a violent set, the Illuminati/Kabbalah, stocked with stars who mistreat their fans. For example, Rihanna smashed a fan in the face with a microphone and her opening act, A$AP Rocky, in two separate incidents slapped female fans across the face, leading to legal complaints and charges.

Kanye West is well-known for getting violent with photographers for simply taking his picture or asking him a question. Jay-Z once stabbed a man in a night club leading to criminal charges and in another incident punched a female fan three times. In another incident, Jay-Z's bodyguards severely beat up a man in Las Vegas, outside a business he owned that has gone under.

The drug addicted bodyguard had been in rehab twice before, but had another relapse, which is not surprising as his clients such as Rihanna and Lady GaGa are full fledged cocaine addicts, who refuse to go to rehab. Being a drug addict in such an environment is dangerous. Too much temptation around via stars sniffing cocaine like it's nothing, when it can kill.

The Miami Police took the necessary course of action, but other factors brought into the picture by Oosterbroek, caused his demise. As a person very familiar with the misconduct of members of the Hollywood Illuminati, I can attest they are deranged and drugged out, hence their inappropriate conduct.