Saturday, September 7, 2013

Frank Ocean Insults Chris Brown Again Looking For Another Fight

Frank Ocean wearing a Chris Brown domestic violence shirt

It doesn't look like singer Frank Ocean is trying to make peace with fellow entertainer Chris Brown. The two vocalists had a fight at a Los Angeles recording studio several months ago, where police were called. Both insisted the other started the fight. Ocean stated he was the victim. Since that time, singer Sean Kingston came forward stating Ocean was responsible for the fight, as CCTV video of the recording studio facility suggests. 


Chris Brown

Yesterday, Ocean sported a shirt featuring Brown's face on it with a statement regarding domestic violence. This was a reference to the highly publicized fight between Brown and then girlfriend Rihanna, which occurred after the Grammys in 2009, for which the singer is on probation. Ocean is attempting to stir up conflict between himself and Brown, which is not beneficial to either party, especially the latter, who under the wrong circumstances could end up in jail.