Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dawn Robinson's Ex-Husband Says He Got Her Kicked Off The Show 'R&B Divas LA' But Backs Off Suing Me And Others

Dawn Robinson and Dre Allen when they were still together

This is a follow up to the September 5, 2013 article 'R&B Divas LA Reunion Show Part 1' Was Explosive. In the article I mentioned being contacted online on August 15, 2013 by someone stating they are music producer Dre Allen, who was married to 'R&B Divas LA' star, Dawn Robinson, formerly of the girl group En Vogue.

Allen tweeted, "Out of respect I have to warn printing or reprinting lies can easily involve you in a future libel/slander action against TV One" who broadcast the show "R&B Divas LA." He tweeted this in response to my article on the show expressing sympathy for his ex-wife, Robinson, who on the air, accused him of beating and cheating on her and fathering three children outside of the marriage.

R&B Divas LA

I tweeted back to him on Twitter, "Current case law/legal precedents state bloggers can write about" items broadcast on television or reported in the press, without being successfully sued in a court of law for republishing the claims contained therein.

Hours after I published the post 'R&B Divas LA Reunion Show Part 1' Was Explosive to the Judiciary Report and my blog, Allen released a statement to the Media Take Out website about the lawsuit, stating he dropped the potential legal action, as TV One kicked Dawn off the show. Robinson was strangely absent from the reunion show, hosted by Wendy Williams, who would have asked her probing questions about Allen.

Clearly he saw the sense in what I was stating regarding not suing, as such cases do not prevail against bloggers. However, I will state this, as he is now claiming Robinson defamed him on TV in stating he had three children outside their 5-year marriage that ended 6-years ago, phrasing it in a manner like he fathered them during their union, when he states his children are 20, 17, 4 and 2, something is not adding up.

However, if Robinson was not truthful he should sue for a retraction or correction of some kind. Allen's name is still in tatters judging by numerous website feedback sections, as the show was broadcast to millions and some still believe Robinson. Allen has not made reference to the allegations he beat Robinson. The truth needs to come out about all the allegations made by both Robinson and Allen.

I'm not out to destroy innocent people. I've done a handful of follow up articles to clear up misinformation in the mainstream press on individuals reported on, who were libeled or defamed by other outlets or members of government.


You Wanna Know The Real Reason Dawn Robinson Was Not At The reunion Show

"I wanted to personally inform you and the media that I am suing Thinkfactory, TV One, Dawn Robinson, Phil Thornton, and anyone else that has ANYTHING to do with mentioning DAWN’S EX HUSBAND out of their mouth having 3 kids outside of the marriage and beating her.

[They] should have done [their] homework. Dawn was the only individual arrested for domestic violence while we were married. And it would be IMPOSSIBLE for my 20, 17, 4 and 2 year olds to have been born during a 5 year marriage that ended 6 years ago.

Two of my clients brought up concerns after watching [the show R&B Divas] and my company nets over $3mil a year collectively from both. DAMAGES! And [they] slandered a man with AMPLE resources so expect a good fight."