Saturday, August 31, 2013

Woman Involved In Robin Thicke Butt Grabbing Scandal Brags About It In An Interview (Photos)

Publicity seeking groupie Lana Scolaro and singer Robin Thicke 

Publicity hungry groupie Lana Scolaro has been outed as the woman behind the Robin Thicke behind groping scandal, which occurred at the VMA’s last week, after the star’s raunchy, panned performance with fellow singer Miley Cyrus. The photo she posted online caused a mini-scandal.

Lana Scolaro 

Scolaro is quite proud of her disgraceful conduct, stating she knew the married singer’s hand was on her butt, but she did not, "Think it would cause all this drama." Who really believes that. She knew what she was doing. The photo was patently offensive and Scolaro is not innocent in this matter. Why was she draped over a married man in that manner, flirting with him and giving him clearance in conduct he knew was wrong.

Desperate groupie Lana Scolaro inappropriately draped all over married singer Robin Thicke

Scolaro stated, "We have mutual friends in common. I actually met him a week before the after party" she further stated his bodyguard who took the picture stated "You guys make a cute couple." For the record no woman looks good with a man married to someone else.

Robin Thicke and groupie Lana Scolaro 

It was and continues to be disrespectful to his wife and child. Why do some women not care about damaging other people's family's and creating heartbreak and distress via such situations. Why do some women do such things. She'll learn though, in life what goes around comes around, dear.