Sunday, August 18, 2013

Usher's Ex-Wife Slams People Stating She Was After Him For His Money (Video)

Money She's Still Fighting For In Court

In part two of Tameka Foster Raymond's interview with television show Good Morning America, she spoke about her short, ill-fated marriage and acrimonious divorce from famous singer Usher, 34, while attempting to defend herself from online critics. Foster, 42, who was diagnosed as mentally ill, suffering from "severely moderate personality disorder" spoke of Usher's fame and the attention it brought her when she would walk down the street. Foster stated with a look in her eyes, people would say "That's Usher's ex-wife." It gives the impression she is living vicariously through him.

Everyone wants the best, but there are limits in how far one should go to achieve that. Foster was married when she began cheating with Usher, a young, wealthy singer known all over the world. She threw her husband aside and did not spend the time she should have with her four children, while pursuing the singer. To this day, there are accusations online that she pays more attention to her two children with Usher than her other kids, who need a mother just as much.

Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond

There were red flags from the beginning regarding  Foster, who was arrested for financial fraud and stealing prior to her adulterous relationship with Usher. While she was an ex-con and everyone deserves a second chance, Foster did not stop stealing and that was the problem. Everyone makes mistakes but Foster repeatedly showed via her actions that she was not reformed and determined to get money any way possible, illegal and unethical.

Stories surfaced of Foster, who was a stylist, borrowing clothes from top designers, stating the items were needed for use in music videos and photo shoots, then never returning them, which is not the industry standard. She was loaned garments worth hundreds and thousands of dollars, then kept them after the photo and video shoots. It was stated Foster opted to open a makeshift store in Atlanta and sold the loan goods to the public at discounted prices. This saddled her entertainment industry clients with a bad name among known designers.

Foster stated in the interview that the $8,000 per month Usher gives her in child support "is not a lot of money." It's the statutory maximum in Georgia for two kids, but to a woman attempting to live as lavishly as possible, running up hundreds of thousands of dollars in shopping bills on Usher's credit cards, it does not seem like much.