Sunday, August 18, 2013

Simon Cowell Impregnating His Friend's Wife And Destroying Their Marriage Reveals His Views On Life

Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell

For years former "American Idol" talent show judge, Simon Cowell, 53 has been dogged by gay rumors. This summer he has been embroiled in a cheating scandal, regarding impregnating married socialite Lauren Silverman, 36, the wife of one of his friends, real estate tycoon, Andrew Silverman.

The Silvermans have a 7-year-old son named Adam and have been married for 10-years. Andrew Silverman is said to be livid over the affair and understandably so. He has filed for divorce. Cowell cheated on his girlfriend, beautiful singer/actress Carmen Electra, 40, who dumped him as a result of the scandal.

Lauren Silverman

Cowell's lawyer is stating the marriage was already in trouble, but the claim is being heavily scrutinized in the press and online, as Andrew Silverman cited the talent show judge as a factor in the demise of his marriage in divorce papers. Silverman must be devastated, after being betrayed by his wife and friend in acts of disloyalty.

There have been other cases like it in Hollywood and the British entertainment industry. One that comes to mind is of a married actress and single actor, who worked together and had a sexual affair that destroyed her marriage.

They both took on degrading sexual roles in a film that was panned by audiences, but the movie's sex scenes became all too real for her and she betrayed her husband for an actor, who was not serious about her. Then, the actor dropped her like it was no big deal, because to him she meant nothing. She is bitter and resentful about it to this day, as it cost her a good marriage.

Carmen Electra

A source told me of their fling, "He simply did not care." He had sex with her because he could, not because he cared for or loved her. Her husband ended up humiliated by the negative press attention, which also caused her their young kids distress. The incident damaged the actor's career as well, impacting the types of roles he has been offered since the time of the affair.

In the industry, image is everything. Audiences take to the underdog and or the do-gooder. Audiences don't sympathize with homewreckers. It can really dog a career, creating less screen revenues and lower paychecks. One has to guard one's image. At the end of the day God forgives but the public sometimes does not. 

The incident also negatively impacted the actor's love life. The type of females he has been attracting since that time are not decent women, but skanky gold-diggers after him for his money in relationships that did not last. Women have been using him, believing his morals are corrupted, due to the fling with the married actress, whose family ended up in tatters from their affair.

Men have been wary of the actress as well, believing she can't be trusted to be faithful to anyone. The whole thing broke up her family. She knew better and so did he. People need to think ahead about those who will get hurt due to cheating and how much it will cost them personally and professionally.

Andrew Silverman and Lauren Silverman

It also has other future consequences. What some people don't realize, others will judge you by your past relationships in deciding whether or not to date you. People with ethics and a sense of loyalty, not out to use anyone, flee from the idea of relationships with those who have a history of cheating with people's significant others or spouses.

The reasoning behind it is the person will cheat on them as well. However, women who don't care as they only want money and material things out of a relationship, will disregard it, to take all they can get while they can. Avoid adultery. It has a price. Strive to do the right thing in life. Stop living lasciviously.

Cowell and Silverman are now in a similar boat in that their names and public images have been negatively altered. The Judiciary Report does not believe Cowell is in love with Silverman. However, she is taken with his notoriety. He cheated with her because he could. Men in Hollywood go by their impulses more than the average male, then toss away their conquests, repeating the cycle to their own detriment.

Side Bar:
did they not know this could happen. A 53-year-old man can easily impregnate a 36-year-old woman. Why do people in their childbearing years have sex then end up surprised when a pregnancy results.