Thursday, August 15, 2013

Usher's Ex-Wife Admits On TV That A Court Ordered Psychiatric Test Ruled Her Mentally Ill (Video)

Tameka Foster Raymond, the ex-wife of singer, Usher Raymond, made an appearance on television to discuss her contentious custody battle with the star. During the interview, Foster admitted and agreed with what host Dan Abrams stated, in that she was tested by a psychiatrist, who concluded she has "moderately severe mental disorder" which is basically stating she is mentally ill.

As stated previously on the site, Foster is in Kabbalah, a mind numbing, insane Hollywood cult that renders members severely mentally ill. Since that time, Foster has engaged in violent outbursts and criminal threats against Usher, his girlfriend and others. No judge wants to give someone with said mental problems full custody of children. Foster stated, "I'm gonna be retested." No comment.

Tameka Raymond (wearing a Kabbalah bracelet) and her late son Kile Glover

Foster complained about the big PR machine behind her ex-husband making her look bad. However, it's time to take responsibility, you made you look bad via your conduct. You snuck around cheating on your ex-husband (then husband) with Usher, whom you dragged down the aisles (he did call it off, but then you convinced him to go through with the ill-fated marriage that imploded and exploded in a terrible divorce not even two years after the wedding).

You stalked Usher before, during and after your marriage to him. You keyed Usher's car, physically attacked him, spit on him, threw things at him and his girlfriend and threatened them with grievous bodily injury and death. You also threatened bloggers in writing and over the phone (because yea, that'll make a blogger write nice things about you - not). None of this is normal or mentally healthy behavior. You painted this picture of yourself.

Bloggers would have helped you with favorable coverage, because we like the underdog, but not when two children are involved and the mother is given to violent outbursts, physical attacks and threats regarding others, in conduct that breaks the law, how can anyone with a conscience support that.

In related news, Foster is said to be upset that Usher is seeking a reduction in the $8,000 he pays her in child support. Makes sense, as he has custody of the children. Why should he have to pay that much money when he is the primary caregiver, the kids live with him and he is footing all the bills.

Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster

Usher should have listened when this blog warned him not to marry Tameka (and he does read the site, as does the staff of his music company). Look at all the drama, heartbreak, grief, distress and terrible publicity that has sprung from that unholy union born out of adultery, lies and greed for wealth and social position.

Seriously, I have to ask, what did Usher think I had to gain by writing these things prior to his wedding, because behind the scenes, he criticized me to certain industry people for daring to write anything less than flattering about his relationship with Tameka. A source informed me Usher "expected more from me" regarding my columns, because I'm "always encouraging people to get married"...yes, but not to other people's spouses. Tameka was married to someone else when the affair began.

That being said, another blogger that later criticized Usher and Tameka didn't fare so well, nearly getting sued and Usher was wrong for that (Usher Threatens Fan Site With Legal Action).

Before he got married, Usher should have taken the Judiciary Report's articles as free ethical advice from the unbiased, honest perspective of someone not on his payroll, realizing he was about to hit the wall (and he has and spectacularly so for all to see with Tameka, who has finally been ruled clinically crazy).

Usher and son Cinco who nearly drowned this week

In a 2007 article, the Judiciary Report emphatically insisted Usher should get a prenup if he insists on marrying Tameka, when he should not wed her as she belongs to someone else (at the time) and now years later look at the ugly dogfight Tameka has engaged him in, via trying to take as much of his money as possible in court (Usher's Fiancee An Excon). What did I have to gain by writing you (or anyone else for that matter) should protect one's money and assets via a prenup? 
Usher better thank God she didn't kill him, because after my article warning that Tameka could get violent, not long after she did and kicked his behind and threatened to kill him and his girlfriend. And that's who he was dealing with all along but was too confused to see it. When he was dating her, as she cheated on her husband, she did what he wanted sexually to get him (as evidenced by a story regarding a leaked sex tape and a photo of Tameka performing oral sex on Usher that has been shopped around).

She told him everything he wanted to hear, while dragging him down the aisles. The mere fact he cancelled the wedding, was a sign he did not want to marry her, but he went back, married her anyway and everything went wrong. People need to learn from those mistakes. Men also need to learn there are some manipulative women in this world. Not every woman is like that, but make no mistake, some are and will take you for a ride.