Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rapper's Confessions About Jay-Z Cheating Is Damaging His Marriage To Beyonce


Recently, indie Miami rapper Liv threw Jay-Z under the proverbial bus, as an adulterer cheating on his wife, singer Beyonce. Liv stated Jay-Z tried to have sex with her, stating she could be his mistress when he comes to town, but she wisely declined, out of respect for his wife.

However, there's a side to Jay-Z the public isn't aware of. He is a vengeful, spiteful, small-minded man that when spurned or rebuffed by women, he tries to ruin their careers and personal relationships via questionable tactics. For example, there is an incident regarding a woman Jay-Z developed a thing for but she simply wasn't interested (much like Liv, but not her) because clearly said woman has 20/20 vision.


Jay-Z has a bad name in the industry of fooling around with women in exchange for making them famous or giving them money if fame is not where their aspirations lay. Jay, being vindictive, vile and petty, because no one is supposed to reject him cause he thinks he looks like Denzel when he doesn't, started meddling in the woman's relationship with a man she had feelings for, using dirty tactics to break it up out of spite.

Jay's even tried siccing one of his STD infected female employees on the man in trying to get him out the picture, in attempting to teach the woman a lesson for rejecting him. Now what's gonna happen if that unsuspecting man falls for it and catches herpes, then passes it on to the woman that rejected Jay-Z. It will mess up their relationship. But that's not the first time he's done something like that, it's just the kind of man Jay-Z is and it's time more people put him on blast for his behind the scenes conduct that is simply foul.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Meanwhile, Jay is married but acting like he is single. Therefore, the Judiciary Report isn't sorry for him that Liv put him on blast for the whole world to see. He is not a nice guy and Beyonce is in for hell on earth being married to someone she never should have touched with a ten foot pole. There were better men interested in her and she picked the worst one.

The ironic thing is if Beyonce cheated on Jay-Z he would beat her up. He demands complete loyalty, but does not return it in any measure. It's very hypocritical, but to be expected of a selfish man, who only cares about himself. In closing, Liv better watch her back. Jay-Z is mean and very vengeful.