Saturday, August 10, 2013

Judge Again Denies Usher’s Ex-Wife Custody As She Cries Her Son May Have Permanent Damage From Nearly Drowning (Videos)

Usher's ex-wife: my son had to be brought back to life

Tameka Foster Raymond, the ex-wife of R&B singer Usher, lost another custody battle against him yesterday in an Atlanta, Georgia court. After their son Usher Raymond V, aged 5, nearly drowned this week, whilst in his father's care, Foster again demanded custody of her children, after it was taken in a previous hearing.

Foster also stated she does not know if her son sustained brain or heart damage from the incident. Foster released a photo to the public on Instagram showing their shell shocked little boy, who looks traumatized and struggling with the neurological effects of a near drowning. Judge John J. Goger denied Foster's latest request, after sad testimony involving Tameka crying on the witness stand.


As stated previously, the Judiciary Report doesn’t think Usher or Tameka are the angels, but of the two parents, Usher is in the better frame of mind. Tameka has lost sight of reality, engaging in violent outbursts, keyed his car, threw items at him and issued death threats against Usher and his girlfriend, which worked against her. Judges want to see stability from parents, not behavior indicating either has become unstable.

While on the witness stand, Foster painted Usher as an absentee father, who is rarely around. She stated he did not visit his son at the hospital. Foster revealed she did not see Raymond at the hospital this week, whereas she has been there round the clock. Foster questioned, "Where has he been at night when his son is in the hospital." That's simple. He's been with a woman. This is a big part of the problem enraging Foster, who has not let go of the romantic side of their former union, which is over, as they have divorced.

Tameka Foster Raymond and Usher Raymond V

Foster states Usher does not return her calls or emails. This is due to Foster wanting him back and not accepting the fact he has moved on with a new girlfriend (correction, new girlfriends, as he is promiscuous, which is not a good thing). However, Usher needs to keep Foster abreast of the children's whereabouts, as that concerns her. He can do so through a relative or employee, if he seeks to avoid confrontations with Foster.

The Judiciary Report stated years ago, before the two even wed, that they were not right for each other and should not get married and time has proven the site right. Some may have wondered about my motives in having written that (no, I don't have a thing for Usher, nothing wrong with how he looks, but that wasn't it).

It was hearing things in the industry that others also knew about. It was reading reports in publications of Foster's ongoing unethical conduct. Even Usher's mom started complaining about the planned union, which resulted in a marriage that didn't even last two years, proving the site right.

Usher and Tameka's wedding photo

For example, Foster and Raymond were incompatible from the start, having nothing in common, an issue that has presented many couples whose relationships derailed, with significant problems causing break-ups. Just because someone fulfills your sexual needs, does not mean it will translate into a good marriage, as many have found.

You should always choose someone you genuinely love and are compatible with - Usher didn't do that. He chose Foster because of lust and sex and the fact she did whatever he told her to...until they got married. Then the incompatibility, fights and lack of true love while existing on lust wreaked havoc. The honeymoon was over. He realized he'd made a serious mistake, wanted out and she clung to him for dear life.

Tameka kept stealing from people before the marriage, which meant she is money hungry, but Usher ignored said warning sign the Judiciary Report wrote about years ago, before their wedding. This greed later showed itself in its true form after she married him, as she began spending copious amounts of his money shopping, then tried to wipe him out in court, after running up massive shopping bills that went well into the six figures.

Foster ran up a bill of $100,000 at Saks Fifth Avenue alone. There were other big bills as well that Usher was hit with due to her spending habits. Beware of a woman always asking you for money to go shopping. After you get married it will become exponentially worse and could bankrupt you. It's happened to famous and non-famous men.

Usher and Tameka Foster before they got married. The signs were there she loved the good life a little too much...

However, the most serious issue that existed was Foster was already married and cheating on her husband at the time to be with Usher, which is morally wrong. God was never going to bless such a union. The Judiciary Report has repeatedly warned people to stay away from other people's spouses - even if they are separated.

Spiritually, you are inviting trouble and misfortune into your life, as God sees them as married and the act adultery (it brings suffering into both adulterers lives). Foster wasn't even separated from her husband. She embarrassed her poor husband as the story was all over the blogs that his wife had run off with a studly singer - Usher. That's a cruel thing to do to one's spouse.

Foster dishonored her husband, who is the father of her children and Usher turned around and did the exact same thing back to her, openly cheating on her with other women, which also made its way around the blogs. What goes around comes around. One day Usher is going to be on the receiving end of that same misconduct as well. 

The Judiciary Report is not trying to be judgmental, just warning people to be careful of their choices in life, as the wrong ones can bring such misery, heartbreak and suffering. And at the end of the day, no one wants that. People want to be happy and live good lives with meaningful relationships.