Friday, August 9, 2013

Drake Says Amanda Bynes Tweets To Him Were 'Weird And Disturbing'

Drake: did she just say she wants me to murder her hoo-ha

Rapper Drake has finally gone on record speaking about mentally ill Kabbalah actress, Amanda Bynes, sending him strange tweets on Twitter for all to see. Usually it's the men on social networking sites, who are thirsty (see: desperate and horny). Men will send women scandalous tweets in trying to get a date.

Amanda Bynes Tom Cruise-ing it in court

However, Bynes, who is a pretty girl, but one suffering under schizophrenia, began issuing odd, sexually charged tweets to the Canadian rapper, who did not respond. Bynes tweeted to Drake that she wants him to and I quote, "Murder my vagina." Another thirsty crazy one in Kabbalah after Drake is Rihanna, but I digress. It got neither of them anywhere. Bynes, feeling bitter about Drake not committing a felony against her ladyparts, then called him "ugly." She also referred to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as "ugly."

Amanda Bynes pre-psych ward

Drake recently stated Bynes tweets were, "A little weird and disturbing." A little? A LITTLE? Dude I almost got you a chastity belt for your own safety (just kidding). Drake recently referred to himself as the "light skinned Keith Sweat." Sorry, no one can beg like Keith in a song (haha).