Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marrying The Game A Warning To Women About Men Who Do Not Want To Commit

 "Marrying The Game"

Los Angeles rapper The Game stars in the reality show "Marrying The Game." The first season was supposed to be about his pending nuptials to school teacher Tiffani, the mother of his three young children, but things went very wrong when he opted to go out of town for the weekend with a pretty assistant, giving everyone including his fiancée the impression he was being unfaithful. He disrespected Tiffani and his family with that move.

Tiffani has a right to be upset. She is the mother of his children and at times he allows his wandering eye to damage their relationship. It's as though she is begging him to marry her and it is heartbreaking to watch. It gives the impression he does not deem her good enough for marriage, when she is a pretty, smart woman.

Growing up, his kids aren't going to feel good watching episodes of the show knowing daddy was dragging his feet in committing to mommy, then when he finally did, he let an assistant who didn't mean anything to him, derail the wedding. But this is a risk Tiffani took when she took on The Game.

To get a promiscuous industry man to commit is difficult and a risk, because their behavior most likely will not improve after marriage. However, The Game needs to man up and marry the mother of his children, providing his family with a stable, loving home.

The Game and his beautiful daughter

It appears Tiffani believed getting pregnant for him and three times in a row would make him commit and it has brought her a lot of heartbreak and disappointment, to watch him repeatedly renege on doing so. Trying to force a man to commit and or marry is a risky idea. It should naturally flow from a man or there will be more problems than usual in the relationship.

The Game like some, not all, famous men fail to see what is important in life. The groupies will not mean anything at the end of the day. Faith, family and friends mean everything and are what is important in life. Don't wake up one day regretting the choices you made over things that are not important and do not last. The Game is headed for that and it is going to hurt his children in the process.

I think apart of the problem is this - he is in an age oriented industry, where men are constantly told they should be with 18-year-old groupies, which is a stupid way to live that has destroyed many via heartbreak, STDs, financial collapse and failed relationships.

Not to mention, many 18-year-old groupies don't age well due to the hard, wild living, drinking, drugs, partying, scheming and stress they go through and end up looking much older than their age by their mid-twenties. Then these men are stuck in relationships with women much younger than they are, who are not intelligent and do not understand the time they come from.

The irony is The Game would not want Tiffani dating some ripped 18-year-old man. He would go nuclear. Industry men have a serious double standard in this regard, but let their woman do the same thing to them and they will act like big babies, then threaten to beat the man to a pulp (and in some cases actually do so). It would bring out all their insecurities and give them a complex. They wouldn't like it one bit. And no I'm no encouraging revenge in this manner.

Another thing they despise is another famous man or more famous man dating the woman they cheated on or neglected. They deem it an embarrassment to them. But if you don't treat someone right, don't be angry or surprised when someone else does and appreciates what you failed to in your life.

The point of the story is God has someone for everyone and you better make sure that you don't miss or mess up with that someone, because you won't man up and are chasing a pipe dream of groupies and vain women who don't truly care about you, when there is someone who does that you've taken for granted.