Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Judge Slaps Woman With $10,000 Fine For Lying In Stating Michael Jordan Is The Father Of Her Son


Michael Jordan

Well, this case got ugly really fast. A judge just slapped sex instructor, Pamela Smith, with a $10,000 fine for "lying" regarding the paternity of her son, Taj, via claiming in court papers his dad is basketball legend Michael Jordan. Smith sued Jordan for paternity. However, years ago paternity was established with Smith's ex-husband named as the father on the young man's birth certificate. Smith withdrew the lawsuit, then the judge dismissed it without prejudice, meaning it can be filed again.

Pamela Smith failed to compel the court to order Jordan to take a paternity test, as she hired a publicist, before a lawyer, which didn't look right. 
Jordan strenuously denied the claims and hired an attorney to counter them in court. When it was revealed Smith recently tried to remove her ex-husband's name from 27-year-old Taj's birth certificate, Jordan's lawyers entered the evidence into the court record. This resulted in the judge hitting her with a $10,000 fine to cover Jordan's legal fees and labeling her a liar for hiring a publicist before an attorney.

Taj changed his last name to Jordan

It is not currently known if Smith was paid by any publications for her story, as a number of bloggers reported turning her down when she sought to drum up press for it. Therefore, if she wasn't paid a tell-all fee and now has to pay $10,000 in legal fees to Jordan, she is up a creek.

Pamela Smith and Michael Jordan

I don't understand why any woman would point the finger at the wrong man regarding paternity. Though I do not live that way, in my estimation, it would be embarrassing enough to publicly admit one does not even know who the father of one's child is, due to the number of people in one's bed, but to guess and guess wrong...oh dear. That's embarrassing.

Taj Jordan and Michael Jordan

Most women don't want to be publicly disgraced like that - sexing so many people you don't know who the daddy is, isn't something to be proud of or "shout from the rooftops" as the phrase goes. Once again, as the Judiciary Report has repeatedly stated in the past, all publicity is not good publicity.

Ralph Hall

Side Bar:
while we're on the subject, I'd just like to announce I've been dating 90-year-old Texas congressman Ralph Hall and I am going to have his baby (never mind I'm not pregnant). I'm his Anna Nicole Smith, but you know, black. You rocked my world sweet thing and I want the whole country to know it. What happens in Vegas Washington, doesn't stay in Washington. Just kidding (no disrespect intended to the congressman). But see, anybody can make up a story about anyone. Proving it is another story.