Friday, August 9, 2013

Beyonce Cuts Off Her Weave And Bleaches Her Hair To Mixed Reviews (Photo)

Beyonce's new cut makes her look very plain. It's not flattering. The pixie cut is not for everyone.

Heartbroken singer Beyonce Knowles cut off her Seabiscuit weave, bleached her hair blond and released a photo of her new look yesterday to mixed reviews [see previous article Beyonce Got Into A Fight With A Fan And The Fan Won (Video)]. Some like it, most do not. You know, when women experience trouble in their marriages, they sometimes get a drastic haircut. Women going through marital problems and even divorce have been known to do so. 


Speaking of that, a few days prior to Beyonce's drastic haircut, pretty Miami rapper Liv slammed the singer's husband Jay-Z for trying to have sex with her. Liv stated Jay-Z wanted to make her his side chick in Miami, even doing so in the presence of Beyonce's sister Solange at Nobu on Miami Beach, who makes good sushi. What was I talking about again. Oh yea, Jay "the camel" Z and his wandering willy.

Cheating is not cute and neither is Jay-Z. President Obama is busy stating he is trying to save the economy. What he needs to be doing is signing a presidential directive to ban close-ups of this dude. This is who you're crying over. This is who you're chopping off your hair over. This dude couldn't get me to chop off an acrylic nail. Every time I see Jay-Z I feel like I'm in Egypt staring at a camel. When a dude is not pretty, it doesn't matter just as long as he's nice. But when a dude is not pretty and not nice, nuh uh! Not gonna happen. 

Liv stated she rebuffed Jay-Z's advances, but stated she wonders what it would have done for her career (as he makes the women he sleeps with famous via shady deals - i.e. Rihanna, Rita Ora, Tierra Marie). Beyonce has tried to shake off the news, but as it is all over the blogosphere and social networking by default, the quickest way news spreads nowadays, thus it has been hard to ignore.