Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tony Parker’s Injury Lawsuit Involving Chris Brown And Drake Being Questioned After Game 1 Of NBA Finals

Tony Parker

Tony Parker’s performance in Game 1 of the NBA finals against my wonderful Miami Heat is causing some to question his injury lawsuit against rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown. Parker sued club W.i.P. in New York, among others, over an incident that occurred last year, involving a fight between Chris Brown and Drake’s entourages.

The fight was said to be initiated by singer Rihanna, who was with Drake at the time (seriously, who isn’t she with). Rapper Meek Mill reported a woman started the fight, as females were seen throwing bottles. Rihanna is known for hurling bottles at people, as documented in another incident.

Drake and Chris Brown

Parker sued stating his eye was injured by a piece of glass, but clearly they didn’t hit that dude in the head hard enough, because his team the Spurs won Game 1 against my Miami Heat. Um, I mean sorry you were injured Tony and I hope you feel better soon. As I wrote on Twitter, Parker I’m going to need you to start messing up – we want that ring!

I hope the Heat guard you like cops circling a Dunkin Donuts shop. A few weeks ago, I walked past a Dunkin Donuts and there were four cops and three police vehicles outside. One of the cops was an investigator in a suit with a badge on his leather belt and all four officers had food and coffee from inside Dunkin Donuts. The cops were standing guard over the Dunkin Donuts smiling their butts off like it’s their happy place. That Dunkin Donuts was the safest place in America and nothing was going to happen as long as those cops were there (LOL).


Tony Parker's Lawsuit Over Drake And Chris Brown Brawl May Be Sunk By Playoff Run

Published: 2013-06-08 16:36:23 - Remember that massive brawl between Drake, Chris Brown and their respective entourages? Bottles were heaved. Money was bled and a slew of different lawsuits were filed, one by innocent bystander Tony Parker who was hit in the eye by a rogue piece of glass.

Because of lacerations to his cornea, Parker was initially concerned about the future of his basketball career; so, according to TMZ, his lawsuit asked for twenty million dollars for his pain, suffering and potential lost income. Fortunately or unfortunately, however, Parker’s play didn’t suffer any drop off this season whatsoever. In fact, a case could be made that he had his best season yet, and his beloved San Antonio Spurs are now in the NBA Finals, thanks largely to his heroic efforts...