Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Obama Administration Is Being Pummeled By Serious Scandals

Barack Obama lacking containment on several high profile scandals besieging his presidency

This has not been a good few months for the Obama Administration. First the IRS scandal, regarding the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservatives, Christians and journalists, who criticize President Obama and the government, breaks online to public outrage. Then it is revealed the Obama Administration has been secretly wiretapping and obtaining the phone records and emails of journalists. Next came the PRISM scandal. Now comes word of a prostitution and sex scandal at Obama's State Department. So many scandals are bursting at once.

Obama's presidency is imploding. These scandals, which are worse than Watergate, could break your presidency. The Judiciary Report warned from 2009 regarding the people Obama was allowing to rope him into illegality - "If you stand with criminals you will fall with them as well" and that is exactly what is happening. Obama has become the face of all these scandals, as he is the president.

These folks are destroying your presidency. You let them rope you into this madness. You started off well, but let them drag you down the wrong path. You are the president. They are not. Why did you let them do this to you. You need to put your foot down and start cutting certain people and programs loose, as folks are talking about impeachment.