Thursday, June 13, 2013

Obama Administration In Trouble All Over The World Due To NSA Spying Scandal

Barack Obama

Reports indicate the Obama Administration is on the hot seat not just in America but all over the world, as governments demand answers about the NSA's illegal spy program dubbed PRISM, as exposed by former contractor Edward Snowden. A number of high profile world leaders are concerned about the program, as is the U.S. Congress on a domestic level, as PRISM has been engaging in wholesale spying against Americans and foreigners alike.

The U.S. Constitution forbids the government to spy on Americans. However, that's exactly what PRISM has been doing - via snooping in, recording and collecting internet and phone communications. Despite vocal opposition to PRISM, President Barack Obama has defiantly stated it will continue. This really is a sad development, but one I repeatedly warned of beginning in 2006 on the Judiciary Report's sister site the Sound Off Column. The Constitution is a great document and it needs to be followed. What's happening is a travesty. 

U.S. spy programs raise ire at home, overseas

Published: Monday, June 10 2013 11:38 p.m. MDT - WASHINGTON — The Obama administration faced fresh anger Monday at home and abroad over U.S. spy programs that track phone and Internet messages around the world in the hope of thwarting terrorist threats. But a senior intelligence official said there are no plans to end the secretive surveillance systems.