Friday, May 31, 2013

The War Against Journalism: The Government Targeting And Spying On Journalists Through The FBI And IRS Compromises The News

FBI Director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Eric Holder 

News broke recently that the FBI and IRS have been spying on and harassing journalists for being outspoken in their reporting, via matters that were deemed as having criticized the government. Over the past few weeks, the nation and world has witnessed as the government was exposed for using the FBI and IRS to spy on, intimidate and harass journalists from CBS, Fox and the Associated Press, among others, for engaging in one's constitutional right to free press and free speech. Newsgathering and reporting must be based in truth and integrity, free from harassment and intimidation tactics by an overly sensitive government, seeking to keep its unlawful secrets hidden.

Eric Holder and Robert Mueller

Journalists help keep governments honest by openly providing constructive criticism via thought provoking pieces, regarding policy and protocol. Journalists are also arbiters of truth, providing a public service that educates and enlightens. No thin-skinned bureaucrats sensitive to criticism and prone to covering up corruption, while being paid with taxpayer money, has the authority to strip anyone of their constitutional rights.