Friday, May 17, 2013

Chris Brown Refuses To Remove Graffiti From House But It Is Going To Cost Him (Video)

R&B badboy Chris Brown is refusing to remove graffiti he spray painted on the wall outside his home, which is said to be scaring neighborhood children, as it contains three "devil" faces. When asked of his intentions regarding the graffiti, after being fined by the city, Brown cursed and said he is not removing it.

This could prove a costly decision, as interest and penalties continue to accrue on the fine. Once it reaches a certain threshold, the city can place a growing lien against his home, eating away at the equity contained in the property. I Brown chooses to sell the property in the future, the lien would have to be squared before the property could close in a real estate sale. Is this worth the chunk of change it could cost him in the long run. The answer is no.