Thursday, September 6, 2012

FBI Hack Compromised The Data Of 12,000,000 Apple iPhone Users Who They Have Illegally Been Spying On

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller is a power hungry, mentally insane madman intent on spying on as many people as possible, without any legal justification for doing so. He has spied on Americans and foreigners in other nations alike, in criminal violation of domestic and international law.  

A group of hackers are accusing the FBI of illegally collecting the personal and private information of Apple iPhone users, a discovery the AntiSec group state they came across when hacking into an FBI laptop. The FBI denied the allegations, but who believes them anyway, as they are a bunch of lawbreaking liars who routinely lie in the U.S. Congress while under oath, in acts that constitute felonies (*turns back, folds arms and rolls eyes*).

ZDNet summarized the story as, "Hackers associated with Anonymous have published a million unique device identifiers from Apple devices, claiming they were taken from an FBI computer. The alleged hack was intended to publicise the existence of some kind of secret FBI tracking project."

President Obama (right) and his Attorney General, Eric Holder of the Department of Justice, the parent agency of the FBI

The AntiSec hackers are claiming they hacked into an FBI laptop and copied its contents, which included the aforementioned data. Thus far, AntiSec states it has released 1,000,000 users' data. What was the FBI doing with the data Apple users (rhetorical question). The Judiciary Report has long maintained that the FBI has been hacking into people's computers, corporate systems and strong-arming companies into giving over your personal and identifying data, in bids at spying on people who have committed no crime (FBI Spyware Called CIPAV).

They've gone power mad at the FBI and President Obama has looked the other way to it, as the agency illegally spies on his rivals in American politics, business, science, medicine journalism and blogging. The FBI is holding that over Obama's head in the event the president finally has a guilty conscience about allowing them to spy on millions of Americans, who are not criminals or involved in any illegal activity directly or indirectly. The FBI are unequivocally the most corrupt law enforcement agency in existence. I've broken scandals online regarding them that later proved to be true. Therefore, I have no reason to lie about them or anyone else and time and time again my words have been proven 100% true and correct.