Thursday, September 6, 2012

Barack Obama Scared Of Getting Struck By Lightning

Barack Obama: I'm scared of lightning

A week ago, famous liberals in Hollywood wanted Hurricane Isaac to strike everyone at the Republican National Convention dead and spoke out online to that effect, but the event went off without a hitch or hair out of place on Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan (oh the power of super gel). 

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

Now Democrats are worried about their convention, moving it in doors, because they don't want President Obama and his perfectly groomed finger waves to be struck by lightning (do you wear a wave cap - just teasing). What a turn of events. Oh how the tables have turned.  

Side Bar: it's ironic regarding the Hollywood liberals complaining that Hurriance Issac should have wiped out the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. In the article Mitt Romney Officially Receives Nomination As Republican Presidential Candidate the Judiciary Report commented Hollywood should be more worried about itself and earthquakes and wouldn't you know it, one week later, an earthquake struck Beverly Hills and the Hollywood area that the aforementioned liberals live in, scaring them, as attested by their posts online. The moral of the story is never make fun of anyone's weather  situation, as that's not something to play with.