Saturday, August 4, 2012

Greedy Members Of The Jackson Family Jeopardized Katherine Jackson's Health For Money

Katherine Jackson and her son Michael Jackson

Katherine Jackson, the mother of the late pop star, Michael Jackson, who died at age 49 of a pharmaceutical drug overdose, is being deceived by her own children, who are trying to get their hands on their late brother's money. Jackson's estate is estimated to be worth $1 billion dollars.

Katherine was the legal guardian of Jackson's three underage children, but she recently lost custody when she was taken out of the state of California, where they reside, for a strange spa visit that lasted nearly two weeks. Her granddaughter, Paris Jackson, 15, began to complain on Twitter that she had not heard from her in 9-days.

Paris Jackson

The matter made its way to court, when Janet Jackson, Jermaine Jackson and Randy Jackson tried to kidnap the kids and custody was awarded to their cousin, 34-year-old, TJ Jackson (Tito Jackson's son from the music group 3T).

According to mainstream press reports, a recent court document reveals Jackson was told by a doctor that she was going to New Mexico for a concert being held by her sons. However, when she got off the plane, she had been deposited in Arizona, not New Mexico and taken to a spa with the phone disconnected and no television. She also states her iPad and iPhone had been taken. 

TJ Jackson

This is typical Hollywood rubbish. They will interfere in people's medical care, bribe doctors and anyone else necessary to achieve the ends they desire, in conduct that is felonious. What's disgusting about this story is Katherine Jackson had recently suffered a stroke, which can be caused by stress (and is certainly aggravated by it). 

The unpleasantness of being taken somewhere other than where one was told, cut off from one's grandchildren, then finding out one has lost custody and there was in essence two kidnap bids (one of the kids and Katherine) could have caused the elderly matriarch to have a massive second stroke, where the probability of death is much greater. I'm sure her kids that participated in this incident knew all of this, yet astonishingly did it anyway.

Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's kids

They jeopardized their mother's health for money. Now the poor old lady is back in court again, under unpleasant, unhealthy, stressful circumstances, having lost custody of her grandchildren. That's disgusting. Michael didn't want you all to have the money. He wasn't even coming around some of you. He didn't make you guardians of his kids in his will. Therefore, why are you going against his wishes, fighting like cats and dogs, over money that isn't even yours.