Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taking Drugs Is Prematurely Aging Singer Usher (Photo)

...It's Showing On His Skin

Usher Raymond (Photo Credit: Getty)

Recently released pictures of R&B singer, Usher, 33, shows the premature aging of his skin, which comes from using illegal drugs such as Ecstasy (which he did not deny in his court custody case, regarding his ex-wife, Tameka Foster and their two children Usher V and Navyid).

The picture posted above was published last month and it shows the damage addiction is doing to Usher's skin, with premature lines appearing, a dull tone to his usually lovely brown skin and overall a drawn look to his face. If Usher doesn't care about his skin, which is risky in his image centered business, he should at least consider his children, who need a sober and alert dad.