Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Would Be A Good Title For The Forthcoming Movie On News Corp's Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah Brooks crying beside her husband Charlie Brooks after being charged with crimes in the phone hacking scandal. The prosecutor in the case, referred to her husband by his government name of "Charles Brooks." When the government does that you know you're in trouble (Photo Credit: Alan Davidson).

It was announced at the Cannes Film Festival in France that there is a planned biopic on Rupert Murdoch's top News International/News Corp executive, Rebekah Brooks, who resigned under a cloud of suspicion in the phone hacking scandal. Brooks is in a continued state of disbelief, over being arrested twice, then charged in the phone hacking case. 

The Judiciary Report would like to offer up a few title suggestions for the forthcoming film. One could call it "Red" but that's already taken, as is "Fall Guy" which would be appropriate (*looks at guilty Rupert Murdoch*). Another possible title is "Why I Shouldn't Have Listened To Rupert Murdoch Or Listened In To Other People's Conversations" (lengthy but funny). My personal favorite is "Babbling Brook(s)" a pun on her name and talkativeness in trying to worm her way out of trouble.