Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Silence Of The Lambs In Miami As Cannibal Eats Man's Face While High On Drugs

Warning: Disturbing Story Ahead

Rudy Eugene

In a terribly disturbing incident that occurred in Miami, Florida, a naked 31-year-old man, Rudy Eugene, believed to be high on the illegal drug LSD, attacked a homeless man and began eating his face. Eugene grotesquely gouged out the man's eyes, bit off his nose and ate other portions of his face, until the poor man was unrecognizable.

A man that witnessed the violent incident ran for the assistance of a passing police officer, who approached the horrible carnage and shot Eugene, when he refused to stop biting off chunks of the man's face and growling. The first bullet to the chest did nothing to stop Eugene's cannibalism, which prompted the officer to fire 5 more shots, killing the suspect.

This story should serve as a warning regarding the dangers and perils of doing drugs. Eugene is not the first man to engage in such barbarism after taking drugs. There are other publicized cases of people taking drugs, then mutilating, eating and or killing innocent people during the psychosis the narcotics produced.