Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp And Madonna Are Still Phone Hacking And With The Support Of The FBI

5-23-12: I have repaired the damage to the article (A Kabbalah Center hacker had grayed out the article, making it difficult to read, changed the font sizing, spacing and removed key links).

5-19-12: This article has been hacked by Madonna's Kabbalah hackers in felonious acts known as malicious "computer abuse." I am working to repair the damage. 

Mad old woman Mad-onna:

[Article background: this is another in the series of phone hacking articles the Judiciary Report has published, regarding a scandal I broke first in October 2005, via a police complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police in London, England. 30 people have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police since the time I filed the complaint. However, the Murdochs and other key conspirators remain free and the FBI has not arrested anyone, though the crimes began and continue in News Corp's New York headquarters]. I've been here in London on business for a few weeks and my mobile phones have been illegally phone hacked and wiretapped. The first mobile phone I bought worked perfectly fine. However, after I telephoned Miami, Florida making a call that was imperative, the London mobile phone started showing all the symptoms of phone hacking and illegal wiretapping, exactly like what I'd experienced in Florida, which led me to break the phone hacking scandal in 2005, via a police complaint I filed and placed on my website.

Rupert Murdoch   
Firstly, the mobile phone that was crystal clear and interruption free prior to the U.S. call, began experiencing static, interference, buzzing, beeping and cross talk on the line, which according to many experts are symptoms of phone hacking and wiretapping.

Secondly, calls began abruptly cutting off during key points of conversations, another sign of phone hacking and illegal wiretapping according to experts on the subject. Prior to me giving out the number to a close relative in Miami, whose phone is also illegally wiretapped, as I call it often, calls would complete perfectly, but now calls are being cut off at crucial moments, which is the same problem my phones in Miami mysteriously developed, when they were discovered to be illegally wiretapped in 2005.

Thirdly, items said in confidence over the phone, once again began coming out via chronic thief Madonna and her associates in News Corp and at the Daily Mail, another tell tale sign of illegal wiretapping and phone hacking, according to experts.

Madonna (all that plastic surgery and she still looks foul)

As a result, I bought a second mobile phone in London, England by a different brand/company, as I wanted privacy and peace to conduct my business. Once again, the phone was fine for a few days, but once I gave out the number, the symptoms of phone hacking and illegal wiretapping began on the second phone as well, in attempts at spying on me and disrupting my business.

They have further contacted people on my mobile phone call list, whose numbers they gained via illegally hacking into my phones and have been trying to criminally sabotage my business dealings here in London (more on that shortly). Evidence has surfaced that News Corp. and Madonna/Kabbalah did this with the support and backing of the U.S. FBI, who are operating illegally on British shores in this matter. I will make said evidence public in an upcoming article.

Rupert Murdoch and wife Wendi Murdoch

Why are they doing this you ask? After having tremendous difficulty doing business in America, due to Madonna, Kabbalah and her associates in Hollywood, criminally sending me death threats, emails with foul racial slurs and more death threats, assaulting me in public and harassing me, whilst trying to destroy my businesses at every turn, to further steal from my valuable preexisting Copyrighted Catalog, I decided to work on starting businesses in the Caribbean and Britain.

After all, the FBI interviewed me twice in 2005 regarding the phone hacking, wiretapping and criminal copyright infringement case and since that time, my allegations have been proven 100% true and correct for all to see, but the corrupt agency reneged on their promise to produce a standard investigative report on the matter, which my unimpeachable sources in the international community tell me is due to a $1,000,000 bribe FBI Director Robert S. Mueller took from Madonna to stonewall and cover-up the case. The FBI also specializes in stonewalling the U.S. Congress, who read this site frequently, know about the case, but have looked the other way to the serious crimes being committed.

Just grotesque

Due to the fact Madonna and her coconspirators in Hollywood criminally stole my copyrights and blacklisted me in the industry, I peacefully and quietly came to London to open a restaurant, whose proceeds I seek to use in putting out my forthcoming pharmaceutical patents regarding AIDs and cancer (pharmaceutical drugs). I decided to try to earn the money to produce the pharma drugs in this manner, since my copyrights were criminally stolen by Madonna and co and I have not seen a penny from my preexisting, Library of Congress registered works.

Madonna and News Corp, in tandem with the FBI, who covered up their crimes in criminally stealing very valuable, preexisting items from my Copyrighted Catalog, as mentioned above, are illegally and feverishly working in criminal attempts at blocking the pharmaceutical drugs from coming out, to continue the illegal gravy train in criminally stealing my copyrights. They are iniquitously doing this at the expense of sick people I am trying to help via said forthcoming pharmaceutical drugs. Their conduct is vile and evil. They are an abomination and they deserve to burn in hell for what they are doing against terminally sick people all over the world, in support of stealing copyrights from a black immigrant, for undue financial gain.

Robert S. Mueller

How is this fair or right. Madonna and News Corp, who are both based in New York, have selfishly not changed one bit, giving no thought to anyone but themselves, in committing serious crimes in Britain. Rebekah Brooks has already been arrested (twice) and charged in the phone hacking scandal I broke along, yet Madonna and Murdoch continue with the crimes like nothing's happened or changed (News Corp's Executive Rebekah Brooks Arrested Again In The Phone Hacking Scandal). They are still flagrantly breaking the law and on an international basis. I came to London to peacefully do business, in a matter that has nothing to do with Madonna or News Corp, who I have been avoiding because they are criminals...and look what they have done.

There have been incidents of harassment by Kabbalah since I have been here and by three people affiliated with the cult, who are NOT BRITISH. I was working online in a library, using my laptop and one of Madonna's insane Kabbalah members sat at the table and started spouting off all this madness and crazy cult gibberish to me. I had a DVD-ROM disc I had burned private files on, sitting in my laptop's disc drive.

However, I had the drive open, as I was online and did not want the contents of the disc to show while I was on the internet, due to ongoing hacking by members of Madonna's cult Kabbalah. However, this cult member that sat at the desk, kept trying to push the disc in the drive, in spite of the fact I told him no. It was crazy.

Charlie Brooks and Rebekah Brooks have been arrested and charged in the phone hacking scandal, but Madonna and Murdoch still don't know when to quit (Photo Credit: Alan Davidson)

In another incident days later at another library I went to in London, another of her cult members sat next to me again while I was working on the computer, but he had a second person with him and they spewing the cult's jargon and gibberish again, while having their eyes glued on my computer screen in trying to see what I was writing. They also kept staring at me in a menacing way, meant to intimidate and harass.

After I moved away from them, shortly after, one of the cult members was behaving so irrationally, a librarian asked him to leave and he argued with them for about 10 minutes. He left and came back two more times in an angry, aggressive mood that alarmed people in the library.

Philip Berg and Karen Berg (pictured above) run the sick, perverse Kabbalah cult with Madonna and have stolen many millions in other people's intellectual property in addition to separate incidents of theft regarding others' cash and charity funds, to live the high life in Beverly Hills, California 

Madonna's red string bracelet wearing Kabbalah cult members in Miami, Florida were frequently sent up to me and my family in Miami, Florida, with harassing hate speech or to sit next to us in public places, then start mindlessly spewing the cult's jargon at us in a deranged manner. We have mobile phone photos of the incidents and the cult members.

Madonna, Kabbalah and their fellow cult member Rupert Murdoch, are nothing but a bunch of insane troublemakers and thieves. Their conduct is sick, obsessive, illegal, uncalled for and completely inexcusable. Furthermore, they and the FBI have no respect for Britain to have brought this criminality on their shores. Since when did the FBI's Congressional mandate extend to Britain. Since when was it the Federal Bureau of Britain (sarcasm). The lawless FBI is always violating international law and it is absolutely disrespectful. Look for part two to this article shortly...