Thursday, May 10, 2012

Andy Coulson Confirms He Had Access To Top Secret Government Documents While Receiving Money From Rupert Murdoch's News Corp

Andy Coulson

On July 19. 2011 the Judiciary Report published the claim News Corp Continued To Pay Andy Coulson After He Quit To Spy On British Government. The site was the only one to do so and has been vindicated this week regarding those claims. 
Today during the Leveson phone hacking hearings in London, England, Andy Coulson admitted he had access to top secret government materials, while receiving money from Murdoch. This was wholly inappropriate and Murdoch's conduct constitutes a risk to national security. 

Andy Coulson: I may have seen top-secret state material, Thursday 10 May 2012 16.50 BST - Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has admitted that he may have had unsupervised access to top secret material while he worked for David Cameron in Downing Street, despite not having undergone the necessary security checks.

Coulson's admission at the Leveson inquiry on Thursday afternoon appears to contradict No 10's account of the former News International employee's access to the most sensitive government materials while he was working for the prime minister. It has consistently claimed that Coulson had appropriate security clearance for his work because he did not have unsupervised access to top secret papers...

Robert Jay QC, counsel to the Leveson inquiry, asked Coulson if he had had unsupervised access to material designated top secret or above, he replied: "I may have done, yes."...