Thursday, May 13, 2010

School Slammed In Webcam Spy Case

Blake Robbins, 15, and family were spied on in their home by his school

U.S. District Judge, Jan E. DuBois, has granted the FBI access to the 58,000 images the Lower Merion School District secretly snapped of their students at home, via webcam spyware installed on laptops issued to kids attending Harriton High in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The name of the case is Blake Robbins v. Lower Merion School District. People all over the internet continue to slam the school for this severe privacy breach.

The FBI intends to review the evidence to ascertain whether any laws have been broken. Due to this terrible case, the U.S. Congress has finally proposed legislation, the Surreptitious Video Surveillance Act, to increase prison penalties for those that illegally spy on people in their homes or rented properties, as there is a reasonable expectation to privacy in said situations.

Considering the FBI engages in the same misconduct against certain citizens, such as innocent journalists, bloggers and scientists, the Judiciary Report would be surprised if they brought charges in this case, which are very warranted.

The school district has admitted they did indeed secretly capture thousands of images of students and their families in their homes. The lawyer for Blake Robbins believes, as the Judiciary Report does, some of the evidence showing people secretly photographed in their homes whilst nude, was destroyed by the perverted school IT techs.

It takes an exceptionally nasty, perverse and mentally ill person to secretly spy on someone in their home, as it is a sheer abomination that denotes voyeurism.


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Posted on Tue, May. 11, 2010 ...Acting on a request from federal prosecutors, U.S. District Judge Jan E. DuBois agreed to broaden an earlier order that limited the release of the photos to the students or their parents and lawyers. His order was signed Friday and made public Monday.

FBI agents and prosecutors want to review the images to see whether any laws were broken when school district employees activated a tracking system that snapped photos and copied screen images from lost or stolen laptops.

Lower Merion school officials have acknowledged poor planning and oversight led the tracking system to capture at least 50,000 images - some showing teens or their relatives in their homes - from laptops that had already been returned to students...

Robbins has filed a lawsuit alleging the monitoring represented an invasion of students' privacy...