Tuesday, May 18, 2010

7-Year-Old Killed By Police During Raid

Aiyana Jones

7-year-old Aiyana Jones was shot and killed by police, during a raid on the duplex her family resides in, as a 34-year-old man was arrested in an upstairs apartment, but not charged. The incident occurred in Detroit, Michigan in the United States.

The Detroit Police hurled an incendiary device through the window, then fired a shot into the ground floor unit, killing the child. The family contends the police deliberately fired the shot, while law enforcement states it was an accident.

The public is not sure what to believe, as a child should not lose their life, under any circumstances, during a police raid. As such, the police should be required to pay substantial financial damages to Aiyana's family, who have filed two lawsuits against them.

The police maintain they had warrants for both apartments and witnessed a resident visiting both units. However that does not justify in the least, the tragic loss of life that has occurred.