Wednesday, May 26, 2010

31 Dead In Jamaica After U.S. DOJ Extradition Demand

U.S. President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder

UPDATE @1:41PM - 60 People Are Confirmed Dead

Mentally deficient Attorney General, Eric "I Don't Read The Law" Holder, who heads up President Barack Obama's Department Of Justice, was warned repeatedly by community activists and columns such as this one, regarding the extremely poor handling of an extradition request, for suspected drug dealer, Christopher Michael Coke, in that it could cost innocent people their lives.

Holder, acting on Obama's behalf, used what has been labeled "illegal wiretaps" to submit the extradition request. As such, it was heavily disputed, leading to the standoff we see today, leaving 24 police officers and seven civilians dead yesterday, which is what the Judiciary Report warned two months ago would happen.

And what was the Obama administration's response to the deaths of the police officers and civilians, "It is the Jamaican government's responsibility to apprehend Mr. Coke."

What a vile message of condolence to the families of the civilians and innocent police officers that died trying to fulfill your botched, poorly handled extradition request, Mr. Holder. But to you their deaths were acceptable collateral damage. Neither you or Mr. Obama would find it so if it were your family members laying in the morgue.

The Obama administration's ongoing abuse of innocent Jamaican-American citizens, who have complained of being arrested for simple traffic offenses that would normally not warrant such action (a harassment technique American doctor Steven Hatfill exposed as an FBI tactic) along with other forms of harassment and canceling the visas of Jamaican business people buying U.S. goods to sell on the island has continued.

It is being described as a means of putting the squeeze on the Jamaican government during the extradition and it is ugly and un-American. Hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Jamaican-Americans voted for Obama in 2008 and they should not make that mistake again in 2012.

Your family in Kenya would be so proud of you abusing innocent black people (that have nothing to do with the suspect in question) to settle a political vendetta (not). As the first black President, I expected you to conduct yourself in a manner more appropriate and equitable to all, but you have shown your true colors.

This is not against the American people, but the Obama administration, as they were warned to be careful in how they went about this, yet they so poorly and carelessly handled it in a manner that needlessly created a situation that has left 31 people dead.

I don't believe the Obama administration is about law and order for one second, otherwise 99% of the individuals that committed felonies, which created the U.S. financial crisis of 2008 that went global, harming the rest of the world, wouldn't be walking around free and fleecing more Americans and international citizens.

Madonna and co in Hollywood would not be walking around free either, after engaging in well-documented illegal wiretapping, criminal hacking, computer abuse, emailed death threats and threats of violence and attempted murder, whilst stealing AIDS and cancer cure money, via stealing copyrights, meant to go towards producing cures. The Judiciary Report is 1000% certain, significant breakthroughs would have been implemented already.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

But then again, there is a rather telling rumor going around the international community that FBI Director Robert S. Mueller took a $1,000,000 bribe to suppress the Madonna case, to facilitate criminal copyright infringement, which is why Hollywood continues to steal from my preexisting, Library of Congress registered, copyrighted catalog, worth billions. As the Judiciary Report's exclusives have proven true repeatedly, you can be assured the site is telling the truth regarding Mueller (and everything else).

You did so to the detriment of millions of AIDS and cancer sufferers everywhere and when all is said and done, history will not record it well.