Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Barack Obama Wiretapping Heads Of State

U.S. President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder

According to reports, U.S. President, Barack Obama, has been acting as the general manager of the world by wiretapping other heads of state in the international community, with no international mandate to do so. The recent Michael Coke extradition bid in Jamaica has brought these allegations to light.

There are a few hundred nations in the world. Show of hands, how many heads of state want Obama eavesdropping on their calls and doing what he wishes with the contents? It would be safe to state the answer to that is zero, which is what Mr. Obama is looking like for doing such a thing.

In light of this conduct, do other heads of state have permission to illegally wiretap all your calls, Mr. Obama and with the dirty dealings that go on in Washington (see the Abramoff scandal, among others) those calls would not be pretty.

No nation is perfect and all could use improvement, but wiretapping other heads of state is debased and dishonorable. You are not God. Therefore, you are not to be privy to everyone's conversations.

Furthermore, God would have solved the financial crisis already...which is something Mr. Obama could be working on instead of eavesdropping on foreign heads of state's phone calls. Unemployment is soaring in America, while Obama spends his time reading other people's telephone call transcripts courtesy of the FBI and NSA.